How to Delegate Your Emails Safely
How to Delegate Your Emails Safely
Lina Yakunina
Product Marketing Manager
Last updated:
July 8, 2021

Don’t risk confidentiality breaks and reply-all incidents! Whether you are a company’s founder, a CEO or a team manager, there is a good chance your inbox tends to be filled by new emails, at any time of any day, and no matter how on top of things you are, you probably need help handling it.

Company and team management come with their share of inquiries, meetings request, reminders and general administrative work, which all seems to be flowing through your inbox. So, if you are looking to manage it all, there is a good chance you have started considering getting help and delegating some tasks.

Except, there is one problem, if inboxes were created to communicate they definitely weren’t created to collaborate. Think back to all the horror stories about email forwarding and inbox delegation gone wrong you probably heard of or lived through.

You shouldn’t risk facing any of these just because you need support from your secretary, assistant or team in general. Your inbox must remain private and organized, even if there are several people working on your emails and tasks. But how?

The answer is a Gmail delegation tool. Gmail delegation allows you to have access to a delegated account and thus, read, send, and delete messages on the account owner's behalf. Unfortunately, even though you can have access to an inbox, Gmail delegation functionalities don’t allow you to collaborate on emails.

How to Delegate Emails in Gmail and Improve Collaboration

You need to find the right tools and features to answer all your inbox needs. You don’t need anything time consuming or with a steep learning curve, no external programs or additional platforms which would complicate your team’s daily processes. The goal is to simplify your life and streamline the way your team can provide support both to you and to each other. You should then thrive to find a solution which optimizes your inbox itself.

With Gmelius, you can delegate emails, add notes, and manage tasks directly in your inbox. Use these 3 tips to better manage gmail delegation:

Use Email Assignment to delegate emails.

Email assignment in Gmail

With email assignment, you get the opportunity to delegate an email to your assistant without forwarding it. In two clicks the email is directly synced into your assistant inbox. You won’t even risk losing track of the conversation as replies to the assigned email are synced back into your inbox.

Use Shared Notes to detail instructions or client-specific information.

Shared notes in Gmail

You can collaborate on an assigned email or any other email with privately shared Gmail notes. This allows you to give out instructions on delegated emails while keeping the exchange separate from the conversation and ensuring none of it is ever mistakenly shared with the email recipient. You and your team are free to collaborate on the side of any conversation without any risks.

Use Shared Boards to keep track of the team’s email and task management in Gmail.

Shared boards in Gmail

Inbox optimization doesn’t mean you are only dealing with emails, it can also help with your team’s workload and collaboration in general. Using Kanban Boards, you can organize any task or email in a dedicated visual task management system right inside your inbox. Team boards will allow you to have an overview of who is dealing with what, assign due dates to specific emails and keep track of all the delegated tasks in one place.

All these tools can be added to your inbox, allowing you to keep it ordered and to manage your workload from within. Your team’s collaboration can then be streamlined and encouraged without fear of reply-all incidents and other mishaps.

With a dedicated collaboration solution, you are able to delegate your emails and assign tasks without risking any privacy issues or forwarding horror stories you remain the only one in charge of your inbox while being able to share some of your workload.

Sign up for Gmelius to delegate your emails and assign tasks without risking any privacy issues or forwarding horror stories. You remain the only one in charge of your inbox while being able to share some of your workload.

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