How to Send Bulk Emails from Gmail
How to Send Bulk Emails from Gmail
Last updated:
October 28, 2021

With game-changing functionalities such as Click tracking and Kanban boards, Gmelius was already on track to become the lightweight CRM solution professionals and businesses have been looking for.

Now, Campaigns (Mail Merge) gives you access to one of the most used CRM functionality without the crazy price tag and the confusing process!

It all happens right through Gmail/G Suite.

In just a couple of steps, Business subscribers are now able to upload long lists of people to contact, prepare template emails including personalized variables, bulk send them and get detailed data on their performance with individual open rates and click statistics!

The creation process is as easy as it looks, with a simple 3-step process.

  1. You import your contact spreadsheet.
  2. You create your email copy.
  3. You preview the email look and send it (or save it for later).

To make it easier and much more personal, Gmelius extracts all the columns of your contact spreadsheet as potential variables you can use to personalize your email copy. You even get a quality check on each column according to the percentage of rows left blank, so you know which information are best to include in your email and which to select fallback options for.


Sending an email to the 200 people attending your event? You can not only address them by their first name, but also confirm the dietary restriction they mentioned and let them know their table number.

Email Campaign

Once your emails are sent you get the same activity details as for any of your tracked emails. You truly see how each individual recipient interacts with your email with open rate stats.

As the end of the year is near, there is even a prepared template on your dashboard so you can send out your new year wishes to your contact list right away.

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