Automate your company's operations and outreach by sending drip campaigns from Gmail. Keep your leads engaged throughout long sales cycles. Start for free.

Aussi simple que "si ceci - alors cela"

Gmelius offers the most intuitive interface in the market to create email sequences.

Your follow-up emails will be sent based on the way your leads interacted with them. With conditional filters, e.g., if opened, if not replied, etc., backed into the process your emails reach their targets at the right time, all the time.

Put your outreach on autopilot with email sequences 🤖

Envoyer facilement des campagnes de goutte-à-goutte depuis votre boîte de réception

Create and launch multi-stage email campaigns from an email sequence in minutes while keeping a human touch. Send tailored emails and follow-ups to your prospects, complete onboarding/welcome series to new customers and re-engage lost ones.

Essayez maintenant, c'est gratuit
Essayez maintenant, c'est gratuit
Email Sequences for Gmail

Dites bonjour à Gmeliot - votre nouvel assistant virtuel

Les séquences Gmelius ne se limitent pas aux flux d'emails, mais intègrent tous les outils qui stimulent la collaboration de votre équipe et accroissent votre productivité.

Like an assistant, an email sequence will keep your pipeline up-to-date, synchronize your outreach with your Kanban Boards, delegate emails to specific teammates, arrange meetings...

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