Loom is an asynchronous video messaging tool with screen, voice, and face-recording experiences.
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Loom integration

Collaborate with your team in Gmail via Loom recordings. Add context to your emails by exchanging video notes right on the side of your inbox.
Loom for Gmail

With Loom email collaboration becomes even easier. Give and get additional information coming from multiple emails, your CRM software or any other app in one place. Attach screen recordings in your email notes to show important details, provide extra context and share visual feedback with your team.

Explore common use cases


More effective teamwork with fewer meetings

Does your support agent need help to solve a complex ticket? Or is your marketing team asking for your advice on a new partnership? No need to call a meeting to share your feedback. Provide your input by simply recording your screen with a video or audio message and add it on the side of an email.

Create smooth customer handoff processes

Facilitate cross-department collaboration and build strong relationships between your teams. Whether your sales agent shares information collected across multiple emails with a customer success rep or your account manager passes a client's request to the design team, Loom video notes make information-sharing efficient without needless app switching.

Collaborate asynchronously on projects both from Gmail and Trello

Bring your emails and projects together. Your Trello comments will synchronize with your notes in Gmail and vice versa, allowing your team to create and view Loom recordings from their preferred tool.

Get notified in Slack when a new Loom video is added in a note

Never miss anything with Gmelius' Slack integration. Get notified both in Gmail and Slack when a new Loom video is added on the side of an email.


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